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Abú 'Stolen Hearts' Tee (Fundraiser for Palestine)

  • Abú 'Stolen Hearts' Tee  (Fundraiser for Palestine)

100% of Process from this item are being donated to Medical Aid for Palestine.

Abú is proud to present our ‘Stolen Hearts’ tee, featuring the Chloran Síle na Gig. This beautiful example of pagan Irish sculpture was *ahem* donated to the British Museum by Dr. George Witt in 1865. Interestingly, George (the saucy freak) seems to have acquired the Silé in pursuit of an extensive interest in ancient sexual icons. Abú is repaying the favour by borrowing back the Silé in the service of creating dank merch.

Printed on a 100 % organic Continental t-shirt (by Heck Press).

- As always for shipping to anywhere on continental Europe, please select Belgium.
- Shipping from Abú's London HQ, so please allow for extra time for delivery.