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Abú 2p Tote Bag - Pink

  • Abú 2p Tote Bag - Pink

Feeeeed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence!! Tuppence a baaaag!
What's this I see? Two deliciously colourful new tote bags have arrived in to Siopa Abú!
Screen printed by hand in County Sligo by the wonderful Pulled Printing, these tuppenny beauts are printed on 200gsm premium cotton and come in two colours:
a vibrant yellow (kind of like a burst of sunshine on a rainy day or like the way you'd feel after a really nice compliment, or like pollen on a bumblebees legs! You know what yellow is... ) And a gorgeous baby pink that to be honest lads borders on the flirtatious, it's like a wink... or a cosmo.

If our original Abú Premium Tote Bag was our Black Jack (a few left in the siopa!) then allow us to introduce to you our Fruit Salad.

For those wishing to order from the EU please, as always, select Belgium for appropriate shipping prices - don't ask why we don't know why wheeeeeeee!
And for those wishing to order from farther afield (eg. USA, Australia etc) please select the affectionately named "Everywhere Else".

Love ya! xxx